Hot Fix Vinyl High quality Free custom design 2 to 3 days production!.

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Hot Fix Rhinestone High quality Free custom design 3 to 5 days production!.

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Shoe sticker With sticky back glue Free custom design!.

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This is the factory direct office of Sparkle and Fashion Design, located in the northeast of China, and facing the Bohai Sea with convenient air, sea and road traffic condition.We are working on quality hot fix rhinestone, rhinestud, nailhead and hot fix vinyl for overseas market Till now we have thousands of stock designs in style Animal, Bridal,Casino, Cheer, Cross, Crown, Drinks, Easter, Eleur de lis, Gymnastics, Halloween, Heart, Lettering, Mascot, Obama, Paw, Peace, Religion, Saint Patrick's Day, Sister, Skull,Sports, Valentine, and Christmas.We also make custom rhinestones and vinyls depending on the artwork from customers.We have no set up charge, 24 hours quote and 5-7 days turnaround time! We need 24 hours to make the layout and quote, 1 day to make rhinestone products, 2-3 days delivery time, and totally 5-7 days turnaround time!